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Elegant and minimalist jewelry mindfully handmade for all in Seattle, WA!

Poppy Jewelry Designs is a one woman show run by me, Rachel! I've been designing and making jewelry for more than ten years now, and am so happy to be able to share my designs with a broader audience! My work is inspired by nature and features detailed foliage beads, various gemstones (prehnite and sunstone are my favorites), and designs that draw inspiration from my favorite natural locations.

Every piece is handcrafted by me, using high quality materials sourced from other small businesses and my favorite supply shops in San Francisco. At Poppy Jewelry Designs, you will find elegant, minimalist jewelry that is sure to add a special touch to your jewelry collection. I would love to connect with you to help you find a perfect piece to add to your collection.
Every package is shipped carbon neutral, and with recyclable or repurposed packing materials.
Thank you all for your support!! If you have any questions, want to collaborate, or have wholesale inquiries, fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.