Cloudy Skies Thread-ins
Cloudy Skies Thread-ins
Cloudy Skies Thread-ins
Cloudy Skies Thread-ins

Cloudy Skies Thread-ins

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These Cloudy Skies thread-ins feature blue-grey beads on a rectangle thread-in earring.

These earrings are mindfully made with high-quality, gold-filled wire. They are safe for sensitive ears. If you have additional allergies that restrict which metals you can wear, please

contact me first before purchasing.

The earrings are approximately 2" long x 1" wide. 

To wear, carefully thread the bare end into your ear, feeding it through until it reaches the midpoint of the earring. See model photo for reference. Be careful not to bend the earring as you do so, I do my best to harden the wire before I send out the earrings, but they are still quite delicate in nature.

Care Instructions

To prevent your earrings from tarnishing quickly, store them by themselves in a cool, dry place, being careful not to get them wet (i.e. do not store them in your bathroom!) You can store your jewelry in the small kraft paper box it will be shipped in to keep it clean + safe, as it includes an anti-tarnish cotton pad inside it. Additional care instructions can be found on the FAQ page.


Your earrings will be packaged in a small, 3-1/16" x 2-1/8" x 1" kraft paper box stamped with our logo. The boxes include an anti-tarnish cotton pad to keep the jewelry safe and tarnish-free. Your items will be shipped using recycled paper shipping boxes, water-activated paper tape that can be recycled, and repurposed packing paper that you can reuse further or simply recycle. All orders are sent without pricing info, which makes them perfect for gifting to a loved one.

Processing Time

The time it takes for me to process and ship out an order varies, but ranges between 1-3 business days. Keep in mind I am a full-time graduate student and work another part-time job as well, so my processing time may take up to 5 business days on occasion. Once an order ships, I have no control over how long it will take in the mail, but you will receive tracking information once I ship your order.